Dear friends, our Institution actively supports technologies, services, and developments that contribute to counteracting COVID-19!

One of the most useful initiatives to assist hospitals is HELPMED.IN.UA, which is implemented in Ukraine with the support of UNDP and Polish Aid.

The successful experience of creating such a “Platform for Cooperation” from Polish colleagues became the basis of the project initiative helpmed.in.ua, which was launched by the Poznan University of Economics (Poland) together with the Public Association Hi-Tech Office Ukraine.

The system http://helpmed.in.ua/ allows hospitals to inform about their needs and provide the necessary products from donors through a network of local coordinators.

How does the system work?

The hospital generates a list of requirements according to the classifier built into the platform – this data is immediately available for coordinators and can be displayed on an electronic map.

The donator (it can be citizen or enterprise), which is located in this city/district/region – is registered in the system and confirms its readiness to provide hospitals with requested items.

The coordinator (volunteer or public association) contacts the donators and hospitals, registers the assistance in the system, distributes it to hospitals and ensures delivery.

In this way, the system decongests doctors and provides them with everything they need!

This project stood out as an example of response  from digital technologies, international cooperation and interaction between the civil, public, and private sectors to even such a powerful challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic!